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Electric Bikes

What’s the Difference Between Electric Bikes and Regular Bikes?

Over the last several years, there have been many electric items make their way to the market- one of which is the electric bike. Though electric bikes continue to grow in popularity, many people are still confused about the similarities and differences between a traditional bike and the electric version. Our team here at Lankeleisi put this quick guide together to help.

General Makeup

When hearing the term “electric bikes,” most people envision something more akin to an electric scooter. However, electric bikes look a lot like their mechanical counterparts. The only fundamental differences in appearance are that the electric versions have a motor, a battery, and a display screen.


Besides the electrical system, you need to care for an electric bike the same. And if a standard component, such as the brakes or wheels, need repair, you can take them into a regular bike shop and pay the same prices. If it’s an electrical problem, you will then need to see an e-bike specialist.


The motor on an e-bike does not necessarily make you go faster. It actually just helps you pedal easier. The motor can help you reach 15.5 mph but will cut out if you try to go faster. At that point, you will be back to relying on your own body. This means that you can usually go longer distances with an e-bike as you are not so tired, but not so much faster.

Laws and Regulations

One big difference is that the presence of a motor on an electric bike makes it fall into the “motorized vehicle” category. This means that you have to be at least 14 to operate one. Otherwise, the rules are pretty much the same. You do not have to register it, get a license for it, or pay for any insurance. And you can ride anywhere regular bikes are allowed.

At Lankeleisi, we believe electric bikes can add a lot of joy to your riding experience. We aim to always have quality options available to riders along with some limited edition items. Take a look at our fantastic e-bike selection today.

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