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Here is a list of the most common questions we receive about our e-bikes from customers. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us directly!

Does my bike need to be adjusted when it arrives?

We take many steps to have a bike delivered as close to ready-to-ride as possible. As with any bike, shipping and normal use can make it possible for hardware to vibrate loose over time. With a periodic checks and adjustments, including after assembly, you can keep your bike in great shape so it's ready for any ride! 

We also recommend getting an initial tune-up from our shop, Let our mechanic assemble the bike for you.


Can I test ride a bike?

Absolutely YES!


Do ebikes require maintenance?

All bikes (including ebikes) require maintenance over time to keep the bike safe and fun to ride.


I live out of BC, how could I get my bike in service?

For our customer who live in other province, we suggest you to contact with our head office to get your local service contractor infos


How are Bikes shipped?

All our bikes are shipping from Surrey BC,

FREE Shipping is included to all province in Canada


What TAX should I pay on my purchase?

  • US buyers pay no tax, however might be charged duties for some made in Canada products due to regulation changes.

  • Canadian buyers pay GST or HST, based on the province they live in. Most E-bikes are now exempt from PST in B.C. Effective April 21, 2021, electric bicycles and tricycles (e-bikes and e-trikes). To qualify, an e-bike or e-trike must meet the following requirements.
    – Has pedals or hand cranks that allow for the cycle to be propelled by human power
    – Wheels that measure 350mm or more in diameter (13.8 inches)
    – The electric motor or motors are not capable of propelling the cycle at a speed greater than 32 km/hr on level ground and do not have a continuous output power rating that exceeds 500W in total
    – Does not have a combustion engine
    – Is not marketed as, or designed to look like an electric motorcycle, electric moped,
    electric scooter or another similar device


I bought my Lankeleisi bike from other shops or other websites, can I get my bike in service at your shop?

Unfortunately, we only service the bikes that customers bought from us.

We are the only Authorized Dealership by Lankeleisi in North America ( The latest contract expiration date is Sep 31st 2024 ) And we have 6 certified distributors in North America:

  • EPS Riders (ON)

  • Hydrabike (QC)

  • Jo-E  Cycles ( BC)

  • S&E Bikes (BC)

  • Tiger Mountain (US)

  • Gocycle Bike (MX)


If you bought bike not from us we suggest you contact with your

original bike seller.


According to the BC Motor Vehicle Act, regulated electric bikes (Pedal bikes) do not need to be registered or insured. Other province could be different as BC,

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