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"Hello, I'm Joanna, a customer service specialist at Cypress ebike. I'm delighted to assist you with any questions related to Cypress products. You can contact me through the live chat in the bottom right corner or send an email to my address at Thank you for your attention."

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Two-Year Warranty:
We provide a 2-year warranty on Cypress electric bikes frames.

One-Year Warranty:
A 1-year warranty is offered on all electronic components (including battery, motor, controller, display, lights) of Cypress electric bikes.

Parts that wear due to standard use (like tires, brake pads, chains, etc.) are excluded from the warranty. However, replacements may be considered on a case-by-case basis within the first 60 days. Our warranty does not cover issues arising from not adhering to the owners' manual instructions when installing, operating, cleaning, or maintaining your Ebike. This warranty also doesn't cover misuse, abuse, alterations, and natural disasters.

Note: No official warranty is provided for used bikes when purchased from Cypress.


17665 66A Ave #609 Surrey BC, CANADA 



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