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Embrace the thrill of the wild with The LANKELEISI RV800  Exceptional power, unparalleled Comfort, and unmatched reliability For the ultimate off-road adventure That knows no bounds!


Introducing the advanced LANKELEISI RV800, designed for exceptional comfort and performance across rugged terrains. This electric mountain bike features a Bafang motor, delivering peak performance of 1130W and sustained power of 750W, ensuring excellent acceleration and energy efficiency. Equipped with a 48V 20Ah Samsung 21700 Power Lithium Battery, the RV800 is seamlessly integrated into the frame for superior waterproof and dustproof protection. Enjoy extensive rides with pure electric ranges up to 70 km and pedal-assist ranges reaching 140-150 km, providing ample power for both short trips and long adventures. Navigate and control your ride effortlessly with the Color Smart LCD Meter, boasting an interactive interface for easy gear switching and clear visualization of vital cycling data. The display's IP64 rating guarantees durability against water and dust. Safety is paramount with the RV800's 4.5" LED High Brightness Headlight, featuring a built-in electronic horn that emits a loud 95-decibel sound, ensuring visibility and pedestrian awareness. The large Double Shoulder Oil Spring Suspension Fork, coupled with 26x4.0 Kenda Fat Tires, offers unparalleled comfort and ease in maneuvering through challenging potholes and muddy paths. The bike's built-in 5-level power assist mode, powered by an intelligent detection system, adapts to your riding style, providing a customized experience. Moreover, the robust aluminum alloy frame is designed for maximum durability and strength, complemented by a 650-pound rear oil spring shock absorber for enhanced shock resistance. Choose the LANKELEISI RV800 for its blend of power, range, and comfort, making it your ultimate companion for off-road explorations and mountain adventures.

MG600 26'x4‘ Step-thru


1000w                     48v 20ah                     190kg                     100km

600mg001 (1).jpg

Rider Heights

5'46"-6'3" (170-192 cm)
Bike Weight

72 lb (32.6 kg),

63 lb (28.5 kg) w/o battery 

375 lb (170 kg)
Rear Rack Payload

120 lb (54.4 kg)
Handlebar Height

48" (122 cm)


24" (61 cm)
Seat Height

33" - 41" (83.8 - 104 cm)
Total Length

74.5" (189 cm)

46.5" (118 cm)
Seat Tube Length

18" (45.7 cm)

2 (1).jpg